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The Story

Meet Jacqueline

People will stare, make it worth their while — Harry Winston

My dream has always been to have a small business in my community that would impact & inspire others. A place that people would remember and want to come back and bring their friends. Eventually something clicked for me, and I realized that there was a way to combine my love of handmade jewelry with the dream to start a small business. 

In 2017 I expanded and, decided to add additional artists to the gallery. These artists were chosen for their individual style and stories.  Each collection I bring in is carefully selected and is entirely unique.

A  wearable art jewelry piece, reflects the distinctive style of the artist  as well as the person wearing it.   

Developing your own personal style allows you to be beautiful and uniquely you. If I can help someone in their journey, I am grateful.

The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. -Unknown
In 2018, I expanded again and added Houston Llew Spiritiles and Byers McCurry Friendship Houses and Prayer Towers.  Again, I loved both of these artists and wanted to share their art within the community.  
There's just something special about receiving a gift that is handmade.  We live in a world where many things are mass produced. It's wonderful to see that more people are embracing things that are made by hand - handmade matters. Everything is more beautiful when it is made from the heart.  And, what we do is from the heart.  
Jacqueline Bassett //  Owner at  Juelerye  Be inspired, be you.

Jacqueline Bassett // Owner at Juelerye

Be inspired, be you.


About The Artists

The Stories:

Anna Balkan

Born in the area of Chernobyl, Ukraine, Anna Balkan learned necessary skills for survival by using whatever they had on hand for necessary projects like knitting and crocheting. She grew up in a world that was mostly colorless, but instead of being limited by this she says that it taught her that “all color is beautiful.” This set the tone for future designs, and today Anna celebrates the fusion of the bright and beautiful in her work.

Anna began jewelry design after she immigrated to the United States when she was about 20 years old. It was difficult and she could barely speak the language, but the strength and purpose she learned as a child became the training ground for her independence. Slowly she sculpted a way into the world of art and the entrepreneur's dream of a new world. Today she remembers the color of her history by creating playful, uninhibited, and vivacious pieces of jewelry to capture the unexpected beauty of life. Her mission is to honor and celebrate feminine power and beauty.

Anna Balkan | Artist  Be beautiful, be you.

Anna Balkan | Artist

Be beautiful, be you.

“Creativity is all around us.  Sometimes we just don’t recognize it for what it is.”


Kristen Baird

From the mountains of Virginia and hills of Tennessee to the coast of Georgia, Kristen’s designs pay homage to the waters, landscapes, and flora that bring to life the scenes of the South that Kristen has called home.

In a time where mass manufacturing is predominant, Kristen and her team utilize and preserve traditional metalsmithing skills, as they delicately and precisely craft each piece by hand in the Kristen’s Savannah-based studio.

Using sterling silver, recycled 18K gold, and ethically sourced gemstones, Kristen’s jewelry is full of color and texture with juxtaposing forms both geometric and fluid, as though the designs might have sprung organically from the natural world.

Featuring pieces, like the Ripple Ring, that can be customized to fit the desires of an individual client, Kristen’s work speaks to the eco-conscious shopper that loves products with a story and a unique, customizable aesthetic.

Kristen was 2017 Halstead Grant Winner. She was also featured in National Jewelry Magazine for her Grant as Emerging Designer. Kristen has been featured in Savannah Magazine, Paprika Southern, Long Island Living, The Creative Coast, Low Country Bride and in Fem Founder as one of the Top 15 Women to watch in 2018.   

If you haven't seen any of her work, please come in and see what all the recognition is all about.  You'll be glad you did.  


Kristen | Artist

Kristen | Artist


Mickey Lynn

 Mickey Lynn is an artisan jeweler that works in a variety of mixed metal and all-natural stones, such as druzy, agate and raw crystals.  A former IT professional, Mickey decided to follow her dream and carve out a more creative career.  In 2008 she and her partner Seth founded Mickey Lynn Jewelry.  They have been designing exclusive pieces in their studio ever since.  Building their business around a model of sustainability, they carefully source their stones from mines that treat both the earth and their workers fairly.  Proudly made in America, Mickey Lynn’s all natural jewelry designs are handmade in their Atlanta, Georgia studio by skilled artists.  

Mickey Lynn loves to hop around the globe searching for seasonal inspiration and sourcing natural stones for her designs.  Collections are based upon inspiration from travel, adventure and everyday delights.  From the romanticism of Italy to the street chic vibes of New York City, you can see these elements sprinkled through Mickey Lynn’s designs and they speak to her devotion of harnessing inspiration and creating beauty.  Every bright, natural and organic gemstone dazzles with its own one of a kind beauty.

Mickey Lynn | Artist

Mickey Lynn | Artist


Houston LLew Spiritiles

Houston Llew started his venture inside a hot garage in Atlanta in the summer of 2008. A combined vision for art and an eternal optimism turned a dreary economic situation into an opportunity to deliver a beautifully handmade art product. Today, Houston makes Spiritiles out of an expanding art studio near downtown Atlanta employing ten full-time artists.

Spiritiles are part of the evolving story about wall art enameling. Houston traces his lineage back to Fred Uhl Ball, an artist and teacher in the mid-1970’s who dreamt of glass on metal murals and brought them to life. He took a medium focusing on small enameling techniques for jewelry and experimented in glass and metal to create wall artwork.

Through strange and fated opportunity, Houston Llew met Zingaro, who mentored Houston in enameling techniques. Through their collaboration, combining the medium with the best industrial design they could find and Houston’s love to explain things by quoting famous authors, Spiritiles were brought to life.

Houston Llew | Artist

Houston Llew | Artist



Sid Dickens Memory Blocks have been handmade in Vancouver, Canada since 1995 and are highly collected internationally.

Interactive and timeless, the collection captures pieces of history as tangible, enchanting, collectible art with meaning.

Initially trained as a sculptor, Sid Dickens was quickly distinguished in the early ‘90s for his groundbreaking, unconventional, and prolific Memory Blocks. Describing himself as extremely motivated and a relentless beholder, Sid continues to take inspiration from his travels and constant research around the world. With numerous adoring fans and celebrity collectors like Sir Elton John, Liv Tyler, Dolce & Gahanna Bono, Sting, Phil Collins, and Hilary Duff, his name and unique Memory Blocks are recognized worldwide.

As one of the largest retailers in the United States, we endeavor to stock the entire CURRENT collection and dozens of RETIRED tiles. Call us if you are looking for a particular piece and let us delight you.

Sid Dickens | Artist

Sid Dickens | Artist


Holden McCurry Prayer towers

Holden began making the first few prayer towers in 2001 and has since developed them with Ed Byers over the years to incorporate new and distinct architectural forms, symbols, organic imagery and color variations. 

Included inside each tower is a fold of paper for writing down messages or prayers of one's choice - giving a special purpose with meaning for each sculpture.

All of the collaborative sculptures are hand built and hand painted. With many different textures, forms, drawings, colors and symbols used, no two are ever identical.

Revised 5 Prayer Towers square.jpeg

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